Planning a New World in Creatures 1

After a trip down memory lane and a frantic search through my old PC games of the 90s, I found my original Creatures 1 CD. Fast forward a few hours after enlisting my brother to figure out how to get it working on Windows Vista, and I reentered the wonderful world of Albia. In my test world, there have been no errors, a lot of births, and even the untimely death of a Norn I was growing attached to. I can’t believe how much I missed this game and the community!

Now that I’m sure that Creatures 1 works on Windows Vista, I have the exciting task of planning my new world. Maybe I go into too much detail, but I took some time figuring out which places to bookmark, how to set up chemical tracking in the Science Kit, and what to call each item group. Now the fun part: Getting ready to hatch my first Norn!

I plan on sharing my adventures and experiences in Creatures 1 over the course of my revival of this amazing AI game. I also own Creatures 2 and Creatures 3, which will one day also be reinstalled! I have some ideas for random research to do in the game, too, if only for entertainment value. I’m very excited to be a part of the community again, and look forward to reconnecting! Keep an eye out for the birth of my first Norn or two soon!

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