Layout Changes and a Question

I just quickly wanted to note that I made some changes to the ways in which pictures appear with posts: Rather than taking up a lot of space on a new line, they are now equipped with text wrapping capabilities so that they integrate more neatly with text. In other words, that means less scrolling to read every post! I also think it gives Discover Albia a bit more of a storybook feel, although the main reason why I made the change was to make it easier for readers.

I also wanted to thank all of those who have visited and read my stories and thoughts! It means a lot to have been warmly welcomed into the community, and I hope that I can provide both entertainment and information!

On that note, what features or ideas would make Discover Albia better? Would you like to see polls, guides and tutorials, stories, pictures, links, or anything else? Please leave a comment with any thoughts about the blog and what would improve your visits in the future. Thanks, and keep an eye out for an update on Adria!

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