My White Haired Pixie Norns

Evria was just so excited when she found out that I wanted to write a little bit about the White Haired Pixie Norns in Albia! I had never noticed it before, but the little curly twist of hair on female White Haired Pixie Norns is really cute, and adds a lot to their smiles! Evria has been exploring the world more and more, showing how she tends to keep to herself in the treetops. The occasional carrot or lemon keeps her happy, along with a ball that she just loves bouncing!

Meanwhile in Albia, the male Norns had finally found the females! Both Noric and Diren have been off doing their own things, and some of the other boys just started to enter their adult phases. There was a pretty prolonged pause in pregnancies due to this, which was a welcome change. This egg, along with any others, will be stored until the incubator opens again, thanks to the population cap. I quite like where Izria laid it: Another excellent hiding spot! Well, as long as no one gets hungry for some Gentian!

Evria passed along her appearance quite well to both of her daughters. Pictured here are Evrietta (left) and Izria (right). Evrietta seemed very excited about the new egg, while Izria was in a bit of shock. She was pregnant a tad bit longer than usual, and I was worried that she had miscarried and would never lay her egg. I remember a similar situation happening to me in either C1 or C2 long, long ago. Perhaps the White Haired Pixie Norn appearance will continue on through the generations!

And finally, here’s another White Haired Pixie Norn! Not really: Adria just reached the elderly life stage. She is now a little over 8 hours old, and roaming about the lands as usual. She had a brief visit with Avira, who made a complete trip around the world! Funny how quickly time seems to fly by… I remember when Adria was just a baby and the only Norn in Albia. Hopefully she won’t be too upset about her new hair color: There isn’t a hairdresser for Norns!

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