New Life Returns to Albia

I was ecstatic at the opportunity to hatch two eggs, which had been waiting quietly for such a long time! There was a bit of a somber mood in the air as Azdira made her way out of her eggshell. She is the first child of Izria and Rafin, yet the first Norn I thought of was Adria. I adore female Horse Norns, and believe that Azdira will make a wonderful addition to Albia. Of course she won’t be replacing anyone, yet she will most certainly help to breath a breath of life into the world. It was just the new start everyone needed to recover from the horrendous tragedy suffered by all.

While Azdira spent some time at the computer, I could hardly wait to hatch the next egg! Out popped another little girl, named Olennia. Another wave of nostalgia hit me, since she bears a striking resemblance to Avira. She is a very active Norn, who couldn’t even be bothered to stand still for her first photo! On a bit of a sad note, I discovered that her father was Timren, although I was convinced that Rafin had spent a good deal of time with Evria. Timren would have made a wonderful father, and I hope his spirit will live on through Olennia.

Azdira was a picture perfect little student at the computer! She really is a well-mannered Norn. It’s nice to have the Horse Norn breed showing a strong presence again. After the recent tragedy, the majority of the survivors had White Haired Pixie Norn characteristics, and I was worried that Adria’s legacy would no longer carry on. Clearly, it will live on! Azdira looked about as calm and collected as a baby Norn possibly could be. She sensed that something had recently happened.

The odd carrot glitch also happened to Olennia after she had finished up her first meal. Rather than dropping the seedling, she held onto it for a good amount of time, so that it began to grow. It might be an indication of something good, though, since this also happened to Onessa. I had to check up on the rest of the group, and was too late to see the carrot become fully matured in Olennia’s hands. Sure enough, though, when I returned, there was a new carrot lying nearby! I guess we know who the green thumb gardeners are!

Olennia grew up much more quickly than expected, although not at an alarming rate. She reached childhood before Azdira, though, and they were not born in quick succession. Hopefully she will mature a little quicker, because Albia will soon be in a bit of a pickle. Noric and Rafin are the only males still left: Noric is quite old and has a fertility rate close to 0%. It might not be impossible for him to become a father again, but I’m pretty sure his youthful days have come to an end. Rafin is also getting up there in age, and his testosterone production is already dwindling.

My little blunder earlier on resulted in one baby Norn being temporarily exported. She is next in line to enter Albia, but the issue lies with the fact that she is a female. There is a good possibility that the remaining eggs will be the only ones for a long time. It is quite interesting to have such an overwhelming majority of females, but two of the younger males were taken with the plague. I suppose this is the start of a matriarchal society!

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