The Little Baby Norn with the Big Appetite

It’s amazing to see how far just four of the original hatchery Norns have gone! I was a little surprised to see two eggs still waiting to be hatched: Although the genetic pool may not be as diverse as it could be, I’m proud of the fact that my incessant meddling has allowed several generations to come to life. After placing the final original male in the incubator, I expected to see the first male White Haired Pixie Norn. It’s funny that I haven’t seen one yet, especially considering the fact that Evria’s genes are so prevalent! I’ll be snapping photos of that eventual Norn left and right!

This is Windren! He popped out of the incubator with an unexpected distressed look on his face: The poor little fellow looks so helpless, and I assumed that he was just a bit more hungry than the usual newborn Norn. Fortunately, nothing alarming seemed to be wrong with him: He grudgingly followed me up to the computer to start his vocabulary lesson. I can already tell he’s going to be a handful! Windren does things his own way, and the occasional discipline does little to convince him that my ideas might be worth listening to.

Those tiny horns are most appropriate for him! But when his face lit up after a delicious carrot, I fell in love with Windren. He’s that little guy that gets away with anything because he’s so adorable. Spoiled? I imagine he might turn out that way. Indeed, I quickly realized that there was something different about him, as evidenced by his high life force and almost constant hunger. (Speaking of the in-game score, I’ve almost made it to 10,000! Does this really mean all that much, though? I rarely pay attention to it…)

Sure enough, Windren has a pretty major mutation: Both his glucose and glycogen levels remain at nearly 100%. As thrilled as I am to see his life force so high, it’s clear that this doesn’t depict an accurate representation of his nutrition. The spikes in the graph indicate his ingestion of two carrots. They curb his hunger for a short period of time, but his tummy is apparently rumbling all the time. This does pose a question, though: Could he live without any food? He would always feel pangs of hunger, yet couldn’t he theoretically survive without anything? It’s an interesting scientific inquiry, but I’ve grown quite attached to him, and would rather see his hunger satisfied every now and then. This simply means I’ll be helping him find food more often than usual.

This was a fitting snapshot of Windren: Waiting on a carrot to mature so it can curb his appetite for a moment, and then moving along to wait for another carrot to take root. He was slated to be the next fertile male among the group, but I’m wondering if this genetic mutation would be dangerous or beneficial to pass along. I imagine it would allow Norns to live off of next to nothing, but at the expense of happiness. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do?

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