Underwater Romance and the Second Generation

Norns have a funny way of finding the strangest places to make an egg. Vanadis and Odin ventured forth in the world and saw how beautiful the ocean was with its colorful fish and calm, dark water. It was in the metallic submarine that these two Norns decided that the time was right for a successful kiss pop. In a matter of seconds, the next generation was created and on its way! I suppose Odin finally gave in to the demands of Vanadis: She was much more determined to get her hands on a small egg of her very own! It was an odd place to fall in love: Cramped and damp, the two seemed more likely to be seasick than pregnant. However, such was the way of the world! I was excited for them, regardless of where the egg came from!

After a long journey back to the safety of the garden and incubator area, Vanadis started to thoroughly enjoy her first pregnancy. I delivered food much more frequently, and she even got her hands on another honey pot! I also think she was secretly happy that she beat Freya to be the first pregnant Norn in Albia. Freya had plenty of time with Odin, including multiple kiss pops, but the timing was not exact. Creatures 1 pregnancies can be rather difficult, which makes each one all the more special.

A short time later, Vanadis found herself staring at her first egg. The photo I captured feels like a real maternal moment: This is the moment after the nearly unbearable pain of labor, when a Norn realizes that it was all worth it. However, remember that a Norn can not distinguish his or her own offspring from other Norns. In a sense, parenting ends moments after an egg is laid. I thought Vanadis emulated the perfect image of a mother Norn. She was even quite interested in her egg for a long time after she laid it.

Meanwhile, Freya found out that Odin had finally seen the benefits of becoming a father. Feeling rather jaded and jealous, she knew that she had to find this handsome Norn and steal him for herself. Albia can be the scene for quite the intricate soap opera, after all! Needless to say, Freya got her way and made sure that Vanadis would not have Odin all to herself. At least she made her way slightly past the garden to meet her suitor. I am convinced that Freya will never travel too far away from her home, but perhaps her offspring will make the journey for her! The future held its own unknown secrets.

Not surprisingly, Freya found a nice spot in the garden to lay her egg in. She took one look at it, though, and was ready to move on. I had a little laugh when I saw how she held up a carrot to make it look like the egg was sprouting some leafy greens! Good thing eggs are not edible, because Freya stared at it with hungry eyes for a few moments. She took off in search of Dvalin, still hopelessly obsessed! Apparently motherhood was not something she was all too keen about taking on.

The time finally came for the first egg to hatch. I gingerly carried it over to the incubator, full of anticipation for who would emerge! Out popped little Thor, whose name comes from a powerful god from Norse mythology. What a happy expression he worse right out of his shell! He resembles his mother, Vanadis, in almost every way, except for his tiny arms and legs. Quite a cute guy, though!

Naturally, we traveled towards the learning computer for a vocabulary lesson. Thor was a natural learner, and we were finished in no time. He was so excited that he decided to show me how he could almost reach the top of the lift button! His giant ears made him look all the more cuter. One day, he would tower over that lift button when he was fully grown. I only hoped that his time as a youngster would last for a long, long time.

Next in line was the first egg from Freya, which grew peacefully in the confines of the garden. No sooner had I set in in the incubator, when a little male Norn came out to see the new world. I named him Baldur, which is a name in Norse mythology associated with beauty, happiness, light, and love. He looked like an exact half-and-half Norn, with his bottom half from Freya and his top half from Odin. Another happy little baby had entered the world of Creatures 1!

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