Creatures 1 Conundrums

One of the strangest sights in Albia is a Norn sleeping while standing! Bera looked positively exhausted when she closed her eyes, yet she was quite happy to get a nice rest. It took her much longer than usual to lay her egg, although there were no obvious reasons. So far, she has truly enjoyed being pregnant, though! All of the other Norns swarmed around her at different points, which prompted me to lead her off for a bit of alone time. As with most Norns, she had neglected to eat much of anything while the others were around. Hopefully that would change sooner rather than later.

For the most part, the main group had split off into two: One made their home from the garden to the temple, while the other settled in for an extended vacation on the desert island. I decided to play the matchmaker for a moment when Dagny and Arik were both at their most fertile. I was surprised when nothing resulted from their kiss pop. Dagny didn’t seem to mind, though: What a smile! Creatures 1 Norns can be very difficult to breed, even at the most perfect of times. Luckily, this usually means a manageable number of eggs. Usually, of course, is never a certainty!

As I traveled between the two groups, I realized that Folkvar was nowhere to be found. Although Albia is relatively small, it is easy for a Norn or Grendel to become lost and separated. As it was, Folkvar was having a grand time with the harp! He apparently tried to stash the source of a bit of his happiness behind the drum: See anything suspicious? Luckily, he had also brought along a honeypot and was in excellent health. Norns can certainly take care of themselves when they want to! Folkvar seemed very happy with his discovery: Play on!

Eydis had settled herself in with a small group on the deserted island, including Ingelill and Valborg. However, she took a quick ride on the cart beneath the ocean and soon found herself face-to-face with the extremely happy Folkvar. They stared at each other for a moment without moving, and suddenly Eydis was pregnant! Apparently, it was something of a psychic kiss pop… But it worked! The strange mutation that this unborn Norn possesses means that he or she will not be rewarded for traveling to the left when instructed to until childhood.

The oldest Norns were just past the six hour mark, and it was almost time to introduce the final first generation Norn. Once Eydis laid her egg, there would be a total of ten eggs, and the youngest female, Kari, had not yet entered adulthood. All in all, I was very pleased with the progress in Albia! Still, I had the gnawing feeling that it would soon be time to bid farewell to some of the firstborn Norns. Funny how attached one can get!

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