Creatures Community Reminders

Make sure to vote in the CCSF 2011 Theme Survey! It only takes a moment to complete, although there are a lot of great themes to choose from. The chosen theme will be announced on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Plenty of time left, but every vote counts! After all, this is our big annual event. Long live Creatures!

In other news, submissions for Docking Station Galaxy’s Mascot Contest close on Saturday. I had a couple of failed wolfing runs, but there is a Docking Station world filled with Astro Norns running in the background! I hope to be able to submit at least a couple of entries by tomorrow morning. This is a great opportunity!

As always, be sure to check out many of the links listed here at Discover Albia. Most sites have been updated fairly recently, including blogs like Confessions of a Shee and The Arch. Excellent resources and stories! I still encourage anyone mildly interested in blogging about Creatures to get into it: You might just be surprised what you uncover! I had originally intended to go more in the direction of writing short stories about Norns, and here I am getting deeper and deeper into the study of genetics! One never knows what will happen when you play Creatures!

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