Countdown to Creatures 4 at Gamescom

Little information has been released over the last couple of months regarding Creatures 4, which has just added to the anticipation! A few weeks ago, an official comment from Andrea Di Stefano on the Fishing Cactus blog mentioned that there would be something to see at Gamescom. There are now just about two weeks until the event, and I’m sure that many of us in the Creatures community are greatly looking forward to it! We really have only had the concept art and logo to stare at and ogle over, although the simple fact that Creatures 4 was finally in development was more than enough. On the whole, I think we have high expectations of this newest installment in the series: One which seemed like it would never come. I still approach the subject cautiously and without too many expectations: I expect this to be a different game, developed and created by a different company. Hopefully Gamescom will give us all a preview of what Creatures 4 will be! Thanks to everyone working on this project! I know we all appreciate it, and hope it will strengthen our gaming community. Who knows: Maybe our ideas and suggestions have helped along the way!

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