Tips for Setting Up a Creatures 1 World

Setting up a world in Creatures 1 is relatively simple and straight forward. Since there really is no ecological system, one can technically spend hours in Albia without seeing any real changes! I particularly enjoy the peace and quiet of a new world: It’s often one of the few times I can enjoy the subtle background sounds and music. Not for long, though! Those Norns and Grendels love to take the spotlight.

There is a hidden stash of food in Albia, which is not easy to find with the naked eye. Just below the Grendel Mother, or the Grendel egg laying machine, it looks like one little piece of cheese is peeking out from the leaves. In reality, there are actually three pieces of cheese and two full honey pots hiding out! This often makes for a wonderful first meal for Grendels, but it is often overkill. One piece of cheese and a honeypot are often more than enough for a young creature. There is also a ball nearby.

I was so excited to find that the cart was working again! This means that a new route to the settlement will be open for the second generation. Hopefully a few more Norns, and maybe even Halvor, will be able to enjoy this area of Albia. My fingers are crossed that the cart will remain in working condition for a long time! The cart noises are music to my ears. The ocean coral is also beautiful! The whole underwater area is quite a sight.

Remember that COBs can not be injected into Creatures 1 until there is a Norn in the world. I have a list of useful COBs I will be using, which will be listed in a future update. There are many different ones out there, but I recommend sticking to a manageable number of COBs. The reason for this is because too many can slow down Creatures 1 or even cause serious gameplay issues. That doesn’t mean to stay away from COBs, though: Testing out new ones every now and then is always fun and interesting!

Too much hootch in one location can be dangerous: Creatures simply love to guzzle the drink as fast as possible! I recommend spreading the hootch cans around Albia, to avoid any serious drunkenness. The neon green definitely can catch anyone’s attention: To a simple Norn or Grendel, hootch could very well be the most interesting thing! And then it turns into the only thing…

With a little more planning and setup, Albia will be all set for the next generation. Expect some introductions very soon, along with a genetic analysis of each youngster! There are some odd mutations that deserve a little attention. Better yet, Halvor and the new Norns will soon enjoy the spotlight!

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