Babies, Babies, and More Babies in C3/DS

I had quite a few eggs to hatch in my world, and it was only moments before the first Norn popped out! This is Torvo, the first of Lamna’s triplets to hatch. Since Lamna was not lucky enough to be the alpha female, all of her sons would join her in the land of exported Norns. Torvo was an adorable little guy, yet he headed off in file format for the time being. Any ideas on what to do with these Norns? There must be something that they can do besides sitting in a folder forever and ever!

Not long after, the second of Lamna’s identical triplets hatched. This handsome Harlequin/Zebra Norn cross is Knear. I felt guilty for exporting him along with his brother, but it was a much better alternative to my original plan of killing the sons of inferior females. Lamna had just one more opportunity to pass along her genes, or there would be no Harlequin Norns in the near future. I had my fingers crossed for her! Even though these were identical babies, their genders could be different.

Success! Out of the final egg to hatch, which was actually the first to be laid, was an adorable female whom I named Jorie. She looked a little startled about her surroundings, but I was pleased that the green feather marker would continue to be worn! Jorie had just one mutation, which changed one instinct from associating food and hunger for protein with eating, to associating food and pain with eating. Hopefully it would not keep Jorie from enjoying her life in C3/DS!

Before I had a chance to do much of anything, Nevorria’s five eggs decided to begin hatching! First to enter the world was a little female named Livya. What a full head of hair she sported! As with her sisters, she would wear the pink star mark to indicate her standing as one of the alpha female’s daughters. Livya had one genetic mutation which changed a chemical receptor involved with injury and antigen 3 from analogue to inverted analogue. No idea what that means, though! I plan on holding off on any C3/DS genetics discussions for a bit so I can focus on playing the game.

The next egg hatched to reveal an almost opposite female: She only shared her tail in common with her sister! I decided to call her Amina. She had no significant mutations, and she joined the other ladies in the safety of the Norn Meso. At this rate, it could easily be overrun with females, but I planned on moving over the youths, or even adolescents, as soon as possible. Another population control method could be to alternate between forced single births and multiple births, depending on the circumstances. Thank goodness for CAOS and all of the possibilities it has.

Thankfully, a little boy emerged from the next egg from Nevorria and Brenlee. Pictured here is Xerman, who was born without any real mutations. In Creatures 3 and Docking Station, there are a lot of genes that can be altered in many ways. Often, these mutations create little to no changes in how a Norn lives his or her life. Xerman would also begin his alpha male succession test. I had to change a few of the parameters, but it seemed to be working decently well. Hopefully Xerman would succeed and go on to live a lovely life!

As I was waiting for the eggs to hatch, Nevorria somehow decided that it was time to throw another pregnancy at me. Surprisingly, but fortunately for me, this was a single birth event! For one reason or another, this egg raced to hatch and actually beat out the two remaining eggs from Nevorria’s last litter. Meet little Neddor! He was the exact opposite of Xerman, and they kind of reminded me of light vs. dark. However, Neddor would not be able to produce prostaglandin until childhood.

Another egg hatched in what seemed like a neverending sequence. Little Evrien, a female, decided to learn the language right after she was moved to the Norn Meso! She certainly looked like she enjoyed herself. Evrien had a couple of insignificant mutations, although she had an almost identical mutation as Livya: Rather than her antigen 3 receptor, though, her antigen 2 receptor was set from analogue to inverted analogue. Perhaps she would never become ill so I would not have to figure out if this was good or bad! I dealt with enough illness across my different Creatures worlds as it was.

Finally, Nevorria’s final quintuplet decided to make his way into the world! This is Menrik, who would join his other young brothers in the alpha male succession test. Hendar, his oldest brother, had already been granted access to the Norn Terrarium. I was happy that Menrik had no significant genetic mutations: They can be kind of nasty, as we’ve witnessed on numerous occasions! It would be interesting to see if having multiple males together would change the test: Hendar had done very well, but would other Norns have been a distraction? Or would he have benefited from the added companionship?

True love found its way to the alpha male and female! I was hardly surprised: These two had been glued to one another for a long time. Although they were producing babies like crazy, they were not solely interested in the kisspopping. They spoke with one another and tried to offer some helpful suggestions when the other was in need of something. Amazingly, they did not constantly chatter away like most Norns! Definitely a good decision… Especially for my ears!

Need I explain what tired these two out? Three more eggs were on their way! Thank you, Brenlee and Nevorria. One part of this concept I will probably change is what happens to the alpha female when a new alpha male is chosen. Rather than keep her in the population, she will be exported. Judging by Nevorria’s example, she should not have any problem with passing along her genes! Before this newest litter, Nevorria had four sons and four daughters. Only one of her sons would be able to breed, but he would become the alpha male. Better idea? I think so.

The one Norn who separated herself from everyone was Seyon. She has been eating seeds constantly and sleeping. Kind of boring, in my opinion, but she never seemed to be upset. It probably meant that she would never have any babies, unless she or Brenlee decided to take a journey. We will have to see! I wanted to gently nudge her towards Brenlee and Nevorria, yet that would kind of go against the whole feral run idea. I accidentally tickled a couple of the babies already. Moving Norns is supposed to be limited to separating them into specific groups. Yet I typically can never keep my paws off my Norns!

Future updates about this C3/DS concept will span much more, and I do not plan on covering every single birth. It’s impossible for me to keep up with them already! I will share some observations and Norn updates on a more generalized scale. My goal here is to develop this concept into something that others can use and tweak: Parameters are easy to change, thankfully! I feel like its current state has a few flaws which I hope to work on. It’s always fun coming up with these scenarios! Comments and suggestions are always welcome, of course!

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