Creatures 4 Delay, Screenshot, and Community

A new update about Creatures 4 was posted on the Fishing Cactus blog earlier today! I have been patiently awaiting the next bit of news regarding the game and its content: Most of us have, actually! There never seems to be enough news about the upcoming title.

The first part of the update was the disappointing news that Creatures 4 would be delayed until Q2 2012 with no official release date. However, the delay has its merits: The developers are not simply sitting back and taking their time to build a failure. It takes time to develop a game, and the original concept has evolved over time. The best part of this is that it is not solely Fishing Cactus that has decided where to take Creatures 4. Comments and input from the Creatures community have been taken into consideration. This clearly can never be a game that will be perfect for every gamer, yet I have been very impressed with the level of involvement we have!

Make sure to check out the Fishing Cactus update to view a beautiful screenshot of the Hatchery! The details are fantastic, and the natural feel to the environment is quite awesome. Take a careful look around: The background makes me wonder what will be in store for us in Creatures 4. There appear to be many possibilities! And the colorful palette looks like it will bring a lot of new life to the Creatures game series.

Perhaps the most important piece of this news about Creatures 4 are the two questions that have been posed to Creatures players by the development team:

  • What is the coolest or the most advanced thing you’ve ever done, tried to achieve or wished you could do in one of the previous Creatures game?
  • Inversely, what is the most boring/frustrating/disappointing experience you had?

Make sure to respond over at the Fishing Cactus blog! This is an excellent opportunity to voice opinions and share a few ideas that could help shape the game. Keep in mind that Creatures 4 is still in development. It’s difficult to pick a side and say that it will either be an amazing game, or simply terrible. This is still our chance to infuse life into the entire Creatures series with the publicity from Creatures 4. Of course, I’m on the optimistic and hopeful side of the coin about this new game! Thanks again to Fishing Cactus for taking on this project, and especially for opening up a dialogue with current Creatures players! Creatures 4 was renamed Creatures Online in 2013.

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