Two Norn Pregnancies at the Wrong Time

No one seemed more excited to be back in action again than Kleppstad! He had reached his last life stage some time ago, but still seemed fairly intent on taking care of himself. Perhaps he remembered what a fertile young Norn he had been back in his prime! Kleppstad also wanted to show off his superior balancing skills as he stretched out and reached for a carrot. What a silly Norn! He also had a bit of fun with the gadget, known as the flibberty-jibbert. Good thing “gadget” would suffice… What a disaster it would be if creatures used a huge word!

Before I knew it, another death occurred in Albia. Husby passed away at 10 hours and 48 minutes, and she had lived a very fulfilling life. She had five unhatched eggs to continue her legacy. She was not alone in her final moments: Hidden almost completely out of sight was Leira, who had only witnessed her beloved Arnes dying a short time ago. It must have been very confusing for her to watch her companions stop moving all of a sudden. Leira was left in a state of utter shock. It was some comfort that Husby was not alone, though. Rest in peace.

I took the time to move Leira away from the area where Arnes and Husby had recently died. With a few distractions and a lot of carrots, she was soon back in good spirits! She had isolated herself from most of the others, and I was surprised to find out that Leira had only been pregnant once. She seemed very content around the beehives, but with a move to a new world on the horizon, perhaps she would be lucky enough to cross paths with Mevik. She certainly deserved the chance to have another baby after all the death she had seen. Time to let life shine down on her!

Speaking of Mevik, he wasted no time in tracking down Forvika while she was fertile! I immediately was nervous about this pregnancy, though, since Forvika was over ten hours old. I was fairly certain that she would live long enough to deliver her egg, but a handful of my Norns had already passed away at ten hours of age or less. This is always the danger with older females in Creatures 1: Rarely, if ever, do they become completely infertile. The males seem to be more affected by stress, and easily become infertile. Mevik must have known this, and decided to give me a scare. Thank you, sir, for your sneaky ways!

As if Forvika’s pregnancy was not worrying enough, I was alerted that Bolga was pregnant! This tough lady was over twelve hours old, and I had no idea how she would hold out. I could only hope. I was also fooled, since I thought Kleppstad had pulled off a miracle and become fertile. Nope: Mevik pulled some crazy move and ran away instead! Oh my. Such a responsible partner.

Forvika and Bolga both managed to lay their eggs, although a little bit of luck had to have come into play. I stayed with Bolga afterwards, since her end was imminent. She had a constant supply of delicious honey and all the entertainment she could ask for. Just before she collapsed, she had an enormous smile painted across her face. Bolga lived an amazingly long life of 12 hours and 44 minutes, during which time she produced six lovely eggs. It was a sad occasion to watch her pass away, but she was surrounded with happiness and love. Rest well.

With Bolga’s death, I decided to export the remaining Norns and move them to a new world. Remember that this one has seemed very glitchy, with Norns experiencing automatic spikes in starch without eating. A new world would hopefully end this oddity, among others. I was a little nervous, though, since imported Creatures 1 Norns have a tendency to become corrupted or die from time to time. It’s quite uncommon, yet the danger existed. Hopefully Forvika, Jetvika, Kleppstad, Leira, and Mevik would make the virtual journey well. And, not to be forgotten, Skuld the Grendel would also be joining her friends!

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