Status of Creatures 4 and Videos

Most of my attention has been on my Norns in Creatures 1 and Creatures Docking Station lately, but I certainly have been scouring the web for any news about Creatures 4! Perhaps the most concrete piece of information is on the Bigben Interactive Facebook page. On the Info tab, under the Products section, it states: “CREATURES 4 on iOS, Android, PC/MAC – June 2012 – Worldwide.” In that case, we only have a few more months of agonizing waiting left! Very little information has been released lately, although this is understandable. It just makes the next update from Fishing Cactus all the more suspenseful. Creatures 4 was renamed Creatures Online in 2013.

Many readers are probably aware of the following video, which was recently released as a teaser for Creatures 4. There are some snippets of real gameplay, although it is difficult to see the details. More mystery!

Creatures 4 Teaser Trailer

Additionally, I found the following interview with Ramses Ladlani of Fishing Cactus from Gamescom 2011. Interesting that I never found this previously! Nothing too earth shattering is revealed, although it’s always refreshing to hear a bit more about Creatures 4. Note that this video was uploaded in October 2011, so the information may or may not reflect the current status of the game.

Gamescom 2011: Creatures 4 Interview

And finally, a hidden gem! This Creatures 4 video clearly shows real gameplay, although as with the previous video, it was uploaded several months ago, in September 2011. This appears to also be from Gamescom 2011, and features an interview with Andrea Di Stefano of Fishing Cactus. Be aware that the video is dubbed over in Spanish, although it looks like the original interview was filmed in English. My translation and lip reading skills are woefully terrible, but I enjoyed seeing clear shots of Creatures 4 and listening to some of its sounds!

Creatures 4 Interview and Video

I still hope to read more official information and news about Creatures 4 in the coming days, weeks, and months. Until then, these videos offer a bit of respite from the nail biting. Make sure to keep an eye on the Fishing Cactus Blog! I also found a Creatures 4 site which appears to be official, but does not appear to have been officially announced. It can be found here. Enjoy, and be ready for Creatures 4 news in the future!

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