Eggs and Baby Norns in Creatures Docking Station

As promised, this generation of Norns was soon introduced to a Bondi Norn by the name of Chiare. Her breed usually takes slightly longer to mature, but with a few more females to hatch after her, hopefully she will fit right in. She wasted no time bursting out of her shell and taking in the euphoria of so many new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. Chiare raced off to find some food and meet some friends in the Norn Meso. I had nothing to fear with her! My main concern was with hatching eggs and sorting the newborns: An easy task with a fixed supply, but Gontor was not about to make it easy for me!

The first egg to hatch was that of Gontor and Jorie. Although he would be exported within moments, I named him Ontor since he looked so much like his father. Only his colorful Harlequin legs gave him away! Perhaps he would have enjoyed life in Remniova, but the rules had been put in place long ago. I knew I had much to ponder over regarding Ontor and the rest of the exported Norns. As it was, I had another crackling egg to quickly attend to. If there was one thing I knew, it was that eggs never wait!

Luckily for Jorie, her second and final egg contained a little female! Tentha was adorable, although I was a little disappointed that she had not inherited her mother’s Harlequin head. So many Siamese Norn lookalikes were already running about. At least her legs mostly blended in with her body: The small patches of color gave Tentha a unique trait that would help in recognizing her… In case the feather and nametag were not enough. Ha ha! She was instantly smitten with the toy robot. At one point, I thought I saw her attempting to mimic it! No matter what Tentha wanted to be, I was just glad that Jorie would live on.

Although I had carefully separated Gontor from Iollis and Meena, he managed to sneak his way back to them! Before I knew it, the alpha female was pregnant with triplets. The first to emerge was Wesid, who had a nice mixture of Bengal, Siamese, and Zebra Norn body parts. He began his test in the learning room, just as his brother and ancestors before had. The first part of the test has seemed quite easy, although I never intended it to trap any youngsters. The real test begins in the Norn Terrarium, where we lost one Norn from the previous generation.

A shadow within an egg quickly materialized into another male Norn from Gontor and Iollis. This colorful baby is Yorio! The Siamese Norn head has been quite dominant with the males, even though it really is just up to chance. Yorio sported stripes from his neck to his toes in a very appealing pattern. Since he was born so close in age to his brother, Wesid, they managed to stick together in the learning room for a moment and head off to the Norn Terrarium side by side. The air was filled with the sweet smells of all types of food. After a short spell of being locked away in a room devoid of food, the brothers swooped in on anything that was edible!

Little Jeltiara finally emerged from her egg, a bit more cautiously than her brothers. Although she would spend her young life in the Norn Meso, she would be exported before the next alpha couple selection took place. The role of Jeltiara and her sisters is mainly socialization for the others. It also creates a little more competition for food among the females, so that not everyone can just sit back and wait to try her luck at becoming an alpha female. This also creates a population of differently aged Norns for the upcoming adoption event. A bit of diversity should fulfill many needs and wishes!

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