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As spring begins in the real world for those of us in the northern hemisphere, new life seems to have sprung into the Creatures series! Slowly but steadily, activity within the community has been blossoming lately. Being an older series, it’s understandable that players go through occasional periods of less activity. Playing Creatures nonstop for about a decade could be quite demanding… Especially with these obstinate Norns, Grendels, and Ettins! I quickly wanted to highlight a few things going on in our community at the moment. Feel free to comment with any other Creatures community happenings: Seems like something new is cropping up every few days, which is awesome! Have I mentioned lately how amazing the people in this community are?

The Scenario World of Hera at Naturing :: Nurturing
Amaikokonut posted an interesting article about world scenarios about a week ago. She brought up a few awesome ideas for scripts that could control, or at least help, in running a scenario world. Needless to say, we didn’t have to wait long to begin to see one of these scripts put into use! I highly recommend reading about what has been happening in her scenario world. I’m quite happy to see Amina included in the mix, even if she’s proven to be a bit of a handful. What Norns isn’t at some point? Keep an eye out for more updates!

The Completion of the Second Generation at The Arch
ArchDragon and I have been going at about the same pace as we’ve documented our experiences with our Creatures 1 worlds. The final second generation Norn passed away to signal the end of the generation. It has been fascinating to keep up with this population! I’m slightly behind, with two older Norns who have a few hours left. The third generation of Norns will be making their way to ArchDragon soon: I wish him all the best in setting up a new world and figuring out which Norns to keep! I’ll also have that monumental task very shortly.

The Grand Opening of the Creatures Genetics Laboratory
I’m always thrilled when I stumble across brand new Creatures blogs! Bachmeier has created this brand new addition, which will focus on the genetics behind C3/DS. There are already a couple of entries about half lives, along with the Violet Pistachio Norns! I look forward to using this as a way to try to decipher more about Norn genetics. Discover Albia will have several genetics discussions and posts in the future, although I still claim no mastery over D-DNA. Hopefully the Creatures Genetics Laboratory will be a very helpful and interesting resource!

The Success of CreatureLink at Discover Albia
When I first came up with the idea of CreatureLink, I figured I might find one or two people who would be remotely interested in it. Instead, over a period of just about a week, over half of the link one C3/DS Norns have been adopted! Never fear for anyone left over: I plan on importing them into a new world so they can live out their lives, and also produce candidates for the next link in the chain. Speaking of which, submissions for descendants will be opening in early April: Keep an eye out! Thanks to all of the eager adopters!

With all of the new activity, I hope even more blogs will pop up! Reading about other experiences and opinions about Creatures is always fun, at least for me. There are still no games quite like this foray into artificial life, and even with its glitches and issues, I adore Creatures more than ever. Thanks to everyone for this latest surge in activity!

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