The Striped Outfits of Baby Norns

To juggle a bunch of eggs takes patience and careful timing. Thank goodness that eggs kept in the inventory remain paused! I was already rushing back and forth between the Norn Meso, C1toDS, and the Scribble Room. Their lives were carefree, although the alpha couple had only produced one son. Prindar was all alone in the Norn Terrarium, and I wondered if he would ever have any brothers to run around with. A crackling egg brought my head out of the clouds, and a rush of Norns entered Remniova from Bashil’s four eggs!

These feisty babies were born on the coattails of one another. Tenvir and Genrick were exported within their first few minutes, although I was sad to see that the Bengal Norn head had not been passed along to either of Bashil’s daughters. Poplis and Hiara looked identical, but their genetics were not the same. Between the four siblings, there were enough stripes to make anyone go cross-eyed. Apparently, stripes are in this season!

I quickly moved on to Chiare’s two eggs, which had been waiting patiently in my inventory. Brintin, a little male, popped out of the first egg, and there was no mistaking his parentage! I briefly thought he was a female from his hair, but Bondi Norns have somewhat confusing appearances. I believe it was Pirate Rob who brought this up within the past couple of months. Females have short hair, while the males have flowing locks of gold. Brintin was all smiles, though, regardless of his hair style! I played with him for a moment, before exporting him and hoping Chiare’s final egg would reveal a female. I hoped and hoped with all my might that the cake mark would not disappear!

Alas, a little male named Chox peered out at me from his broken eggshell. This is one of the possibilities for the inferior females in this world: Their genes might not be passed along if they do not have any daughters. I had hoped that Chiare would redeem herself through her children, since she had been outcast from the group early on. Now, her presence would not be passed along to the next generation. Luckily, she and her two sons will be headed off to new homes shortly! I have a bit of planning ahead, but CreatureLink should be updated over the weekend. Maybe Chiare will live happily ever after in another world.

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