Brief Updates in the Creatures Community

There have been a number of important updates around the Creatures community within the past two weeks. Naturally, I’ve completely forgotten to provide a summary until now! Perhaps one of the most useful pieces of information came from Jessi at Jessi’s Creatures Documentations. I frequently ran into the starch glitch, where the selected creature would randomly and mysteriously receive an injection of starch every now and then. This completely hurt the learning process, and also kept creatures in good health when they should have been seeking food! Jessi located the problem, which is present in many of Muppetboy’s food COBs, such as the muddy swamp carrots and parsnips. Basically, rather than injecting the creature who ate the food with the corresponding chemicals, the currently selected creature would receive the benefits. I was thrilled to learn that this glitch was not something in my game or world! Jessi made a couple of recent updates to her COBs, including a change which fixed this issue in her wonderful food COBs. Expect to see pretty much everything of hers shown off soon!

Might I add that there is one somewhat exciting development slated for release in June 2012? That would be Creatures 4! The news has still been very sparse, yet Fishing Cactus has been pretty busy. Andrea Di Stefano has taken on a pretty active role in replying to many comments over at Creatures Caves. He even stopped into the CC Chat for a few words! Hopefully there will be some definitive updates for us shortly… I know I’ve been getting extremely impatient! Yet I imagine there is a lot of work involved, and Fishing Cactus has never struck me as a secretive or lazy company. We’ll have some news soon enough! And a new game, too. Creatures 4 was renamed Creatures Online in 2013.

I could go on and on about a thousand other things that have popped up and interested me lately, yet I imagine this post would go on forever! I hope to feature some recent creations in my posts, since the developers deserve neverending praise for their hard work. Particularly for Creatures 3 and Docking Station, I expect to show off these amazing new additions soon. I imagine my Norns and Grendels will also thoroughly enjoy the new agents and scenery! It’s amazing how many new ideas keep popping up for the Creatures games. Go creativity!

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