An Eggcellent Eggstravaganza of Eggs

I snapped a nice group photo of Angharad, Dallben, and Ellidyr as they had a little fun in the Albian garden. In time, they each would become parents again. Angharad was still taking care of herself, although I still hovered a bit and worried that she one day would forget. To show me just how independent she was, Angharad enlisted Dallben to expand the population! Coll had also stationed himself nearby, but thanks to his absolute lack of self care, he was no longer producing testosterone as a result of excess stress.

Dwyvach laid her egg, and proceeded to proudly stand over it while Doli disappeared. Typical Norn father! I also persuaded Dwyvach that it might not be a bad idea to rejoin the rest of the group, and maybe catch up with old friends. She showed no resistance, and the cable car actually was not turned around for once! Ironically enough, by the time all was said and done, she ended up on the desert island ready to travel under the ocean and back to the settlement. Perhaps some Norns are just more prone to traveling than others! At least Dwyvach knew what she was doing.

>Doli, on the other hand, was back to his silly antics again! He had been happily eating from the honeypot, when he decided that it was about time to pick up the enormous egg standing before him. I could only shake my head and roll my eyes with a sense of humor! Doli paraded about with his treasure, which was all the more ironic because it was a Grendel egg. I supposed that Achren and Ellidyr had done their part to show how harmless Creatures 1 Grendels really are. Just don’t drop it, Doli!

Speaking of my favorite Grendels, Achren found herself napping peacefully on the island. Why the nap? During this time, she had laid not one egg, but two! Ellidyr somehow appeared and magically disappeared, for I only saw them together for a few minutes. I even mistook Achren’s second egg for that of Eilonwy and Gurgi. I thought for sure I had come across an odd twin phenomenon, but Achren just looked at me and reminded me that I needed to think. She deserved a long and refreshing rest. As for me, I needed to ease up on the clever and pun-filled blog titles!

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