A Brand New Look for Creatures Caves

It’s here! After a lot of hard work, Rascii has released the new look for Creatures Caves! It looks amazing and is a welcome change! If you haven’t stopped by to see the change, I highly recommend it.

Not only does the revamped web site look great, but it also functions on a higher level than it previously did. Navigation is easier, finding updates is simple through the new feature in MyCaves, and posting comments is possible in nearly every section. This is a great time to join Creatures Caves, or to become even more active as many community members join in on the newest discussions. This site has become the hub for a lot of Creatures activity and news: In fact, everyone is encouraged to post Creatures related news of their own! In a small but very active community like ours, it’s important to have a sort of gathering ground where everyone can come together. Creatures Caves has filled this role lately, and I’m very impressed with what Rascii has done to combine a new layout with new features designed for the community. The last layout was wonderful, but had lingered since 2004! A good testament to its staying power, yet a change will hopefully breath a little more life into the site. Have fun exploring the new layout! It may take a little getting used to, but it was well worth the wait. Thanks, Rascii, and everyone involved in testing before it went live!

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