Creatures Family Trees at Discover Albia

Over the past few weeks, I have been brainstorming ideas to showcase better family trees for my Creatures 1 and Creatures Docking Station Norns. There is a real risk of cluttering up the screen… Especially since I love to include extra details! However, I would be very interested to learn what is actually important to readers when looking at a family tree. Creatures is a bit complicated in its mixed family lines, which often don’t foster easy paths from one generation to the next. Our little furry friends are also very rarely monogamous!

The family tree for my Creatures 1 Norns (and Grendels) is open to more information, such as life span. Those in C3/DS are exported prior to death, based on the rules in place with the world concept. Many of these Norns head off to CreatureLink for adoption: The other reason for family trees is to give adopters a pretty good idea of where these Creatures come from. They’re all related, somehow!

One element that keeps haunting me is the use of images. They’re clearly vital to understanding how different appearance genes have been passed down, but with the way Norns procreate, including images takes up an enormous amount of space! A fairly decent alternative is linking to the posts here at Discover Albia that involve the Norn or Grendel in question. This allows someone to get a quick glimpse or an in-depth account of the Creature’s life, while the family tree remains fairly uncluttered.

Feel free to comment on the current Creatures 1 family tree. Any and all feedback is most appreciated! Thanks!

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