Submissions for the CCSF 2012 are Now Open

With all of the recent Creatures 4 excitement, it was still impossible to forget about the upcoming CCSF 2012! I’m pleased to announce that submissions for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2012 are now open! Submissions include practically anything: The only main criteria is that they must somehow be related to Creatures. Hopefully this year will continue the tradition of this annual festival!

Read on for important Submission Details… Most of the information is for my own sanity in creating the schedule and pages! Our theme this year is New Worlds, and the CCSF 2012 will take place during the first two weeks of November 2012. Most aspects are still in the planning stages, although I hope to have some surprises in store for everyone! Thanks to those who have helped out thus far!

Perhaps the most important piece of information to keep in mind is that submissions should (and must) be submitted by October 24, 2012. This will give me a little extra time to make sure the schedule is correctly in place, and that releases are spaced out accordingly. Late submissions will still be accepted: I would just appreciate a little advance notice. Luckily, the worst case scenario is tacking on an extra day or two!

I look forward to seeing what the community releases this year! Remember, no submission is too small to submit: Everything counts! Get ready for an exciting CCSF 2012 in just a couple of months!

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