The Cast of the Seventh Generation Norns

Lights, camera, action! The stage was set for the next alpha couple succession test in Creatures Docking Station. I wanted to introduce the Norns from this generation to give readers the opportunity to pick their favorites. Kellis and Usela are cousins, while Quadra is a first generation Deep Norn. These three decided to pick through the fallen apples, and they were soon very full! Usela is the youngest of the bunch, though it didn’t take long for her to catch up to the other adults. Norns tend to toss aside childhood like an old apple core.

I caught Harpis and Forthil attempting to play a game of Simon Says! Harpis is another first generation Norn designed to add some genetic diversity to the gene pool. Forthil has a unique Bruin Norn body, and she grew up with her sister as her best friend. Sadly, that sister died very young, leaving Forthil a miserable wreck for a good portion of her childhood. These two will offer a bunch of spots and stripes to the population! Harpis is one of the least violent Norns to date, with only a few slaps throughout her lifetime. Then again, with most of the others related to a Hardman Norn, slapping has been common.

Rounding out the last of the females are Corsia and Ethera. Though they look identical, they each represent the last in their respective lines, which are indicated by the marks above their heads. Corsia looked startled at the fact that Ethera apparently wanted to take a bite out of her tail! Although these two females are beautiful and friendly, their appearance is one that has become extremely dominant. Most of the males have an almost identical appearance: Having Corsia or Ethera as the alpha female might just keep the alpha male appearance stable through another generation. It might be interesting to have each alpha male closely resemble his father, while the females would differ.

Redforn and Lyphon were born quite far apart, but they possessed the very same look. Redforn was a little camera shy, though his brother tried to tell him that he wasn’t exactly hidden from view! I was surprised that these two ventured off from the spot where I dropped all of the brothers: They had grown up in close proximity to one another, and it took several minutes before anyone wanted to leave the others. If the slap happy trait had been passed down to them, it had not shown its ugly face yet! Redforn and Lyphon were not alone in their love for eating, sleeping, and playing. Hopefully that wouldn’t change anytime soon!

As expected, the other three brothers stuck close together! Whereas there was a game of Simon Says with the ladies, these boys looked like they were playing Follow the Leader. Amrin, the eldest, was voted to be the leader, while Newbeau and Ibord followed along. I wondered if Newbeau would accidentally run into his older brother… He wasn’t exactly watching where he was walking! Ibord and Amrin were carbon copies of their father, so having one of them as an alpha male would be the first time that an alpha male looked exactly like the one before him. An interesting idea, only not quite what I had in mind.

The curtain merely needed to open, and the seven females and five males would begin the test to become the coveted alpha couple! I separated them on two different levels, which meant that the elevines would need to be used to meet one another. Members of each gender had successfully used the elevines before: This time, though, they were of great importance. Experience in the past showed that Corsia or Ethera would have the best chance of becoming the alpha female, while Newbeau and Redforn were the front runners for the males. Would this stay true? Or would the tables be turned?

Have a look at the Creatures 3 Family Tree to see how the oldest females and youngest males have consistently made up the alpha couple for every generation! I made this alpha couple determination test a little different to see if this would still happen. We shall see! Feel free to share your favorites, if you have any. A new video should be posted this weekend, barring any delays. Stay tuned!

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