With an Eye to the Future in Creatures 1

Fflewddur had taken up residence on the island, where he could always be found with a smile. Pretty soon, he became inseparable from his new Grendel friend, Ellidyr. This cheerful fellow was generally mild mannered, though he seemed rather cautious when Fflewddur decided to get very close to Ellidyr’s egg! Achren had headed off on a personal vacation, thereby leaving any egg guarding duties up to Ellidyr. He took this quite seriously: A stern look convinced Fflewddur to head up the lift and pose somewhere else!

I could hardly resist adding another Norn to the mix! The melody of the incubator promised to bring forth a unique little one, and I was pleasantly surprised when those big brown eyes looked about Albia for the first time. Meet Orddu, the daughter of Dragvik and Aldra! She was the only child from these two before their files were corrupted, so her presence is certainly something to celebrate! Orddu had just one interesting mutation to make note of, thankfully.


Instincts define the expectations for certain behaviors. These genes do not state exactly what happens when the parameters are met, but rather provide the basis for Norns to base their decisions on.

163 Ado M MutDupCut (Lobe/Cell=0/12) + General Sensory i/ps IT is opposite sex and I Push => 207*Reward

This gene controls one of the instincts associated with courtship, where a Norn is rewarded for pushing a Norn of the opposite gender. As this is a male specific gene, this mutation will not have any bearing on Orddu. However, it could have implications for any of her potential sons. The standard gene associates this with sex drive, so that a male will be more inclined to kiss or kisspop with a female when his sex drive is high. This mutation could make a male either lose his courtship instinct, or could make him more inclined to kiss and kisspop regardless of his sex drive. Either scenario could make for an interesting case study! Hopefully Orddu will pass this gene along so that it can be studied in the future. For now, she just needs to enjoy the beginning of life as a Norn!

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