A Brilliant Idea from the Mind of a Norn

Although announcements abounded for the new Norn eggs, the resident Grendels were not about to be left out of the excitement! Achren felt a little under the weather after laying her tenth egg, yet Ellidyr was the happiest father in Albia. He always had a toothy smile to share whenever his lady love produced a shiny egg. They might have been getting older, but this pair continued to make the world a happy place. I still believe that a Creatures 1 world without at least one Grendel is a lonely one.

Despite nearly reaching the twelve hour mark, Angharad acted as young as ever! She was thrilled whenever I showed up with a carrot: Nothing could distract her from eating, which was in sharp contrast with the vast majority of her friends. The mysterious gloom of the cart ride evaporated with her smile. Though I get somewhat attached to everyone in my Creatures 1 world, Angharad has been the most special. I honestly thought she would have succumbed to death already, but her spirit is one that refuses to go! I could not imagine how this generation would have been without Angharad.

The next generation was well on its way, and Llyan did her part to share her genetics as soon as she was able! She curled up beside her spotted blue treasure and drifted off into a long, uninterrupted sleep. Though Gwydion and Gurgi tried to investigate, I kept them occupied so Llyan would be able to recover. She awoke to the delicious smells of honey and carrots, and a smile slowly crept across her weary face. Within a few minutes, she was a happy, healthy Norn!

Someone decided that the honey needed a little extra kick! Although the hootch could only be carried in those devilish green containers, this seemed like an interesting novelty. Not surprisingly, it was Angharad who crafted this brilliant idea, and with only one can of hootch in her system! It might not be a bad idea to figure out a way to let some of the older Norns enjoy a special mixture of honey. I was pretty sure Angharad wouldn’t mind if her idea was ever used… Last I checked, Norn lawyers weren’t all that common in the land of Albia and Creatures!

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