A Norn Parade and Kaw’s Journey

Thanks to a very entertaining ball and a rude bee, I was treated to an impromptu parade of Norns! Yet there were not simply three Norns in this frame… Orwen was pregnant with her first egg! I hardly batted an eyelid when I found out that Gurgi was the father. Not like Rhun cared: He was much more interested in playing with toys at his young age. Luckily, no one was stung by that pesky bee! It decided to join in this strange procession and follow everyone about.

Kaw decided to avoid this little parade, though he did have a very happy smile to share with me! He was more interested in exploring Albia: His falling out with Henwen had spurred him to take off on his own, and I often found him with a sad frown on his face. Henwen was on the other side of Albia, yet I had high hopes that they would reunite again. Kaw was far too caring of a Norn to completely abandon his love! Besides, I always had the last minute backup plan of leading him to her… The proverbial carrot on a stick was literally true at times! It was a last resort idea, though. No sense leading him to more heartache so soon.

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