Preparing for the CCSF 2012 in Creatures 1

My Creatures 1 world remained fairly quiet, yet Orgoch was relieved and thrilled to finally be back in action! I was careful to separate her from a slowly growing group… She rather enjoyed the quiet time, and finally got to eat in peace. Naturally, I noticed a pleasantly disjointed foot when all she had was a giant smile! I kept quiet: It looked like Orgoch was perfectly happy with how her feet worked. Just another item to add to my list of fixes to the C1 Norn sprites and body data. Progress has happened, albeit slowly. Most of my time has been devoted to planning something…

Achren decided to walk Henwen into the land of old age as carefully as possible. The latter was having a tough time coping with her new stage in life, and I could have sworn that Kaw’s absence had something to do with it. While Henwen dreamed of days past, her Grendel friend snuggled up next to her. They made a cute pair, despite how different they looked! As if I needed another reason to support C1 Grendels. Henwen, and many of the other Norns, would have been lost and lonely without the companionship of Achren and Ellidyr. Never underestimate the friendliness of a Creatures 1 Grendel!

I found a very cheerful Llyan in the jungle! Her smile was somewhat misplaced… She had just filled her tummy with deathcap mushroom, yet she pretended like her life force was perfectly fine. Nothing to see here! I brought a couple of carrots her way, and made it seem like I believed the deceitful look in her eyes. Llyan certainly had herself ready for the biggest annual event in the Creatures community: The CCSF 2012! Perhaps she wanted to try to get her face plastered on the front page!

Naturally, Discover Albia will be rather quiet for the first few weeks of November. Make sure to check back about an announcement regarding the CCSF 2012 web site very soon! I gently broke the news to Kaw, who decided that he had to run for the hills with a carrot seedling. I wasn’t sure how that would help… Neither did Gurgi, who looked on with a puzzled expression. Regular blog activity should pick up after the CCSF 2012 ends on November 14th. Get ready for two weeks of Creatures festivities!

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