One More Wonderful Year in the Creatures Universe

Rhun soon found himself surrounded by a pair of Grendels. As usual, they only had eyes for one another. However, Achren decided to be a tad bit rude and steal the honeypot right out of Rhun’s hands! Judging by Ellidyr’s eyes, he was actually more interested in eating than spending time with his beloved… All for the best, of course, since these two had certainly left their mark on the next generation! Out of the three, Rhun was the only one who had me worried. He didn’t seem to mind that his food had been stolen, and I realized that he was going through an anti-eating stage. Wonderful.

Luckily, happier news was easy to come by on the other side of Albia. Orwen quickly developed strong nesting skills, long before her egg was due. She looked so proud of her little collection of items! Taran was a little lost over the excitement, but he had problems of his own: The bees! It was impossible for him to leave them alone for more than a few seconds, and his bee stings were starting to develop stings of their own. Taran was a bit neglectful of Orwen, yet she was busy enough trying to keep herself away from the enraged bees. She escaped on a lift for a little while, before happily laying her egg near her little nest.

Orgoch took on the perfect pose when she held up her empty honeypot and demanded more. I thought she rather looked like a mechanical centaur, yet she paid no attention to the cart. More honey was all she needed! After a long battle, I finally isolated her from the others to help her fill up her rumbling tummy. If there is one thing that is important in a Norn’s life, it is that precious alone time. The silence and attention to being healthy are worth all the difficulty associated with isolation.

Though the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve was still far away, Orddu and Melyngar decided to tune in and listen for any exciting programs on the radio! 2012 was a wonderful one for Creatures in general, and I can hardly wait to find out what 2013 has in store! My Creatures 1 Norns and Grendels wish their brethren a very happy celebration for the New Year, and hope that all of the Hands start off next year on the right track. Next year should find some finished projects at Discover Albia, along with a continuation of the C3/DS world. We also should finally move ahead with genetic lessons and research! Although it is a tad bit early: 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

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