Synchronized Snoring in the New Year

Happy New Year! Orwen could hardly contain her excitement as the bees buzzed around on a gentle breeze that seemed to encircle her precious egg. Her beloved Taran was nearby to enjoy in the celebrations, although his shivering mutation meant that he rang in 2013 with a few uncontrollable rounds of, “Brr! Brr!” No worries, though: He had an identical happy smile to share with the world, which basically consisted of myself and Orwen. That was enough for him, thankfully! It looked like this young couple would stick around the beehives in the new year.

All of the excitement resulted in a laughing fit… Ellidyr and Achren ended up falling asleep at the exact same time! Their Grendel snoring fell into a rhythm that rivaled the best music in Albia. I guess senior citizen Grendels can’t stay up so late on New Year’s Eve! Perhaps their naps were filled with exciting dreams of ages gone by.

If all goes well, I am planning on working more on my project to fix the body data and sprites of the male baby Norns in Creatures 1. My goal is to release these by the end of January, but hopefully much sooner! Once any problems are ironed out, I’ll be able to use these updates to move onto the females and the other life stages. Very soon, those random and very annoying floating pixels shall be a thing of the past!

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