The Death of an Albian Legacy

One moment, Albia was filled with all the joy and happiness, without a worry. Suddenly, its oldest member found herself out of time. Surrounded by life and love, Achren took her last breath with her beloved Ellidyr by her side. He was far from ready for her passing: He called out for her to follow him, but she had already gone to a place none could follow. It was an excruciatingly sad moment for Achren’s friends.

Yet the sad moment did not consume those present: Llyan and Ellidyr came to terms with Achren’s death, and the latter even tried to speed her along on her journey. Her sixteenth egg was just coming to full maturity, and she stayed alive long enough to bring one more Grendel life into Albia. Yet none could ever compare to Achren and who she was.

At the base of the iconic jungle tree, Achren’s body lay in a peaceful position. I was unable to find her exact time of death, though she made it to around nineteen hours. What a life she led! Through everything, she was around to enjoy it all. Her unerring patience was never more clear than when Ellidyr pestered her for another egg. Though Achren put up a few futile fights, she always surprised her other half with an addition to their family. Rest in peace, Achren, for we shall never forget you and your Grendel smile. Nor will you ever be forgotten.

After leaving a honeypot as a final gift, Ellidyr took a deep sigh and headed off into the world… Alone, for the first time. Although he had a happy grin to showcase, his feet drudged on as though his mind was elsewhere. He was the only Grendel, and was not far behind Achren in age. Ellidyr would have no more babies, although I sensed his depression stemmed from the loss of his best friend. He was not the only one to feel the loss: Albia’s eldest resident had departed, and all felt a little more somber.

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