A New and Unconventional First Friend

With the learning computer finally silenced, Astrapia stood tall and proud after her first major accomplishment! Her head was barely taller than the spinning top, yet she was already a Norn with an enormous personality. Perhaps I was biased, but I was completely in love with her! Astrapia caught on to every concept in the blink of an eye: She held her breath, waiting for whatever wisdom the hand wanted to bring to her. The kind tickles likely helped matters for her! In less than ten minutes, she transformed from a frightened newborn into a confident baby Norn who was able to eat and play all on her own.

As she reached up for the nearest bee, Astrapia demonstrated a rather unique talent: Holding a honeypot in the crook of her arm! Talk about a horrible body data error… I’ve been working on these constantly for the last few days, and I was hoping to avoid any reminders of the project. At least Astrapia was a long way from being completely crippled! Her energy kept her going strong, and soon I barely noticed her disjointed arm. We spent a good deal of time near the learning computer before venturing into the kitchen. At one point, Astrapia laid down long enough to reduce her exhaustion to nearly nothing. Very smart decision! She was ready for just about anything!

Elsewhere in Albia, Arianllyn decided that she needed to camouflage herself before settling in for a nap. She made it to the island all on her own… I shouldn’t have been surprised, but she had done exceptionally well all by herself. Adaon still had not managed to locate his love, but he was busy trumpeting away and hanging out around the temple. With the high egg production of Grendels, it was probably a good idea for them to enjoy some alone time! Besides, Arianllyn often fell asleep at the mere mention of music. She was far from musically inclined: Her favorite song was the sound of her own snoring as she drifted off to sleep. Or maybe it was the sound of the ocean waves carrying her to a land of dreams…

What in the world? Astrapia stumbled across her first friend in the garden. As she reached out to pet him, there was no holding back this brave Norn! With the wag of his tail and a cute shake of his body, this little Muggy was the best thing Astrapia had ever seen! In her usual adorable way, she crawled right behind him and tried to fit her tiny feet into his footprints. The smells of carrots and radishes eventually distracted her young mind enough so that the Muggy was left alone. I, on the other hand, pet him a few more times and enjoyed his personality! Astrapia and I decided to nickname him Ludo after a beloved character. Hopefully he would prove just as loyal as his namesake!

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