Simulating an Albian Spring in Creatures 1

With a warm breeze outside and the sun shining down, it was time for Albia to experience the same! I took a break from my main Creatures 1 project to create a brand new world. Eventually, this would be the home of the next generation of Norns. Although the carrots and lemons gave the garden a pleasant aroma, there was a general feeling of emptiness in many areas. Enter Mioontoko’s Radishes and Jessi’s Happy Pink Flowers! They added an extra pop of color, while also ensuring that my Norns and Grendels would have a little more of a varied diet. The carrots looked a little extra mushy: They were a little disappointed to give up their reign over the entire garden!

To keep up the colorful atmosphere, I was sure to include Jessi’s Bliumea Plant on the desert island. These vines provided a pop of color on the lower level of the island, which often seemed rather dark and lonely. Creatures would easily be able to enjoy these edible flowers, too! I often end up carrying food items to my Norns and Grendels to keep them well fed, but this setup would allow them to be a little more independent. That, or I would simply be yelling “push food” any chance I got! With the island poised to offer an oasis, I turned back to the garden.

Up in the blossoming treetops, a new sort of blossom sprung forth and revealed Jessi’s Mugug Fruit. The branches looked like they might snap under the weight of this impressive food, but Albian trees have always been known for their strength and resilience! I was less interested in the Mugugs being aphrodisiacs, for they also provided another welcome food source in Creatures 1. Fortunately, they would only come lose with a tug from the hand, which meant that Norns and Grendels in the area would not accidentally ingest the fruit and cause a baby boom! When the time was right, they would tumble down.

Finally, I could not ignore the underground of Albia. Although it was the furthest from any sunlight and was normally cloaked in a murky darkness, there was a cheerful sort of air to it that was only made better by Bibble’s Plant Pack and Jessi’s Rodirea Plant. I sprinkled a few additional herbs throughout the world to give my Creatures more opportunities to feed themselves. Something else was sprinkled around, too, and pictured here! Might as well let the Norns and Grendels have a bit of fun to celebrate!

I highly recommend Jessi’s COBs, but please be aware that when I was testing out her critters, my game encountered a macro script error and had to be deleted. This is why I recommend testing out a world with COBs for at least a short period of time before introducing any Creatures: This ensures that if something goes awry, no one is lost in the process! If anyone can confirm whether any of these critters, particularly the Mama Mushu or Muggy, have macro script problems, it would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed having them in my test world, but I don’t want to risk another error by using them again until any issues have been resolved. They really are cute and unique, though!

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