A Sneaky Creatures 1 Norn

Adaon was in for a bit of a surprise while he bounced his ball and shared a very toothy grin with the world. Cotinga decided to start working on her sneak approach. She was rather talented, but none can trick a Grendel! Adaon was onto her antics before his ball could take another bounce, yet he greeted his visitor with a friendly kiss. Cotinga was one interesting lady Norn! This apparent sneakiness was actually the gait for fear, since her mutation made her feel fearful based on boredom. Adaon helped her calm down, though!

In the blink of an eye, little Drongo shot up into a very healthy and very imposing male. Blackcap was unsure of how to take this change. After all, he had basically walked right over Drongo when he met him as a baby. Now, it looked like a tiny little nuisance could create some serious competition. They sized one another up, and took to slapping one another when I was preoccupied with other matters. Boys will be boys! Despite Blackcap and Drongo not getting along very well, they soon settled into a pattern of tolerance. Still, they had a wary look in their eyes whenever the other came a little too close.

There was another unusual visitor to the garden by the name of Astrapia. She left her quiet desert island in search of more excitement. There was no satisfying her! That is, until she discovered the ball. She and Drongo decided that it was their duty to follow it everywhere and make sure it bounced as much as possible! Adaon wanted to follow along, but Cotinga reached out and grabbed his tail… Sneaky snake, indeed! Oddly enough, she became an adult at just 40 minutes old. A kisspop actually alerted me to the life stage change… Apparently Adaon didn’t mind being bothered all that much!

Only one Creature was left out of the party. Arianllyn was a little lonely on the island, which was apparently her permanent residence. She took a few tentative rides on the underground cart, but could only stand to go a short ways from the sandy cavern. The one good part about being alone was the food. Arianllyn enjoyed stuffing her face full of the delicious blue flowers. I could almost see a bluish tint on her lips!

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