A Time for New Beginnings in Docking Station

It was so long since I last started up my C3/DS world that I completely forgot who had actually become the next alpha couple! Soon enough, Santyn was standing guard over his two eggs. They would begin the next generation, yet this seemed like the perfect time to ponder some concerns I had developed about this population. For the past few generations, I felt very little attachment to them. Perhaps it was due to the way I was documenting the world, and perhaps it was due to the fact that no Norn had developed a prominent personality. This population benefited greatly from the parameters in place, but the results seemed to be a little more monotonous than intended. I had created worlds with no dangers; no twists; no turns. In watching some recent wolfling runs, this world seemed so bland. Granted, I would still call this population a success!

Then there was the problem with Quenix. Everyone else fell into an endless loop of showing angry expressions and stating their dislike for her. Goodness! With everything worked out in my mind, I decided to call an end to this world. After ten generations, there were a lot of fond memories. So, what happens now? I have a hoard of Norns to add to CreatureLink. Nearly everyone who has been mentioned will be added! The fun part will be creating a brand new world concept, likely with some of the same parameters I used. Creatures 3/Docking Station will certainly not be abandoned! Any updates will be more informative for a short time, but rest assured that a new batch of Creatures will be coming soon!

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