Recommended Creatures 1 Add-ons

In the past, I posted about my main recommendations for COBs and other add-ons for Creatures 1 players. There have been some additional releases since then, along with changes in where some files can be found. The updated list below is far from a complete listing of all C1 COBs! I am notorious for playing with a minimal amount of add-ons, only due to my awful experiences with crashes and lost worlds. Check out Creatures Caves for an excellent selection of Creatures 1 downloads, and everything related to Creatures!

Remember that a great deal of the fun with Creatures is enjoying third party add-ons! My only caution is to test out COB combinations in an empty world first, just to make sure there are no conflicts or problems. Making backup copies of a world is also recommended from time to time. I always find it amazing that new ideas are being developed for Creatures 1! Whenever it seems like something is missing from the game, chances are it can be found or created. Maybe there are some new COBs in the making at this very moment…

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