How Does Your Garden Box Grow?

The Garden Box was a phenomenal addition to Creatures when Amaikokonut first released it, and additional agents have slowly been released over time. I often never have enough time to simply enjoy how awesome the patch plants can be, so I finally set aside a little time to just create a little garden. A little planning, some imaginary water, and a green mouse (rather than a green thumb)… And voila! I had a beautiful garden brimming with life in Veridia. Everything melded together rather nicely: Even the yellow flowers from the background almost looked like they were more than just decorations. A lot of metarooms contain background elements that are just asking to be populated with Garden Box elements! Sometimes it’s fun to just build a garden out of the blue, though, like Darby did!

A special thanks to Laura for her wonderful contributions to the Garden Box, as well as everyone else who has contributed! I would love to see even more creations, particularly flowers and fruits/vegetables which sprout from the ground. One thing’s for sure: Norns, Grendels, and Ettins need never go hungry again with so many delicious food sources around! Who could starve with all of this delicious fruit? Silly question… We know our Creatures all too well!

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