A Simple Agent and a World of Difference

My original intention this weekend was to focus on a video about the major change to my Creatures 3/Docking Station world. I did get caught up in documenting a lot of the antics of my Creatures 1 Norns and Grendels in the latest video, but the Geats were far from being forgotten! Some may recall the issue I had with making each level of Random’s Room different from the rest. Thanks to an awesome new agent from Ylukyun, I found a solution! This video provides a quick overview of how the world now works, and also provides a glimpse into the lives of the Colortrue Gaius. Enjoy!

A Simple Way to Color a Metaroom in Creatures Docking Station

Simple Backdrop Agent (Ylukyun)
Random’s Room (Random)
Gaius Breed Pack (Ghosthande)
Colortrue Gaius (Jessica)

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