Inching Towards Another Generation of Geats

Is there anything more maddening than having a mature population of Geats who refuse to usher in a new generation? Babbitt and Rhodite traveled to the very top level and camped out. They each had some sort of problem, unfortunately. Babbitt did not have any language skills, so she could not rely on verbal cues. And Rhodite… Well, Rhodite was just Rhodite. Which explained a lot, since her name was synonymous with annoying!

After earning her place as the all time greatest Geat complainer, Rhodite was fairly despised by the males. Her attempts to gain attention had backfired, yet she was completely oblivious to the fact. High intelligence, indeed! She interspersed her tiredness and crowdedness complaints with calls of how friendly she was feeling. All ignored her, and some even ran away to escape from Rhodite! Everyone had just about hit the one hour mark, so I was hopeful that things would turn around for her. It certainly would be a shame to lose her color in the gene pool all from her ridiculous behavior. Don’t you dare ruin this Creatures Docking Station world, you silly Gaius!

I worried that there was very little interest in kisspopping. I heard one or two instances, yet these Geats were far more concerned with themselves. As expected, I completely failed in my hands-off approach as I brought the separated females back into the midst of the males. Suddenly, the pregnancy icon appeared! After waiting for ages, it was hardly a surprise that Babbitt had been chosen first. She quickly retreated from Megallium and Galfenol. She appeared to want to lay her egg in a quiet spot. But which was the father?

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