Norn Love in Every Which Way

Cotinga managed to travel even further than she ever imagined, and was turning into quite the Albian adventurer! After being reunited with Niltava, she was perplexed to find an unusual package arrive on the lift. One moment she was enraptured with the goldfish, and the next she was staring at a very sleepy Junco! Cotinga was the reason for his foray into fatherhood, and a surge of loving emotion overcome them both. Junco went from a sleeping, single Norn to another father-to-be! I know I often dwell on how well he has done, but Junco deserves a little recognition.

Elsewhere in Creatures 1, another small romance was blooming. Where Junco and Cotinga were a rather loving couple, a more comical relationship was on the horizon near the incubator. Hypocolius got it into his head that Astrapia wanted to add onto her collection of eggs. Their courtship was a routine blur, but Astrapia was not about to let him run off! She knew how important it was for her to eat well during her pregnancy, and gathering food on her own would be tiresome. So, she did what any resourceful Norn would do: She ordered the nearest Norn to drop off supplies! And that, Hypocolious, is called true love.

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