Grendels are Green and Not Very Mean

St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without a green Grendel to spread some luck! Arianllyn found herself alone in a rather dark and spooky area… Where did all of those paintings come from? Before she could get too scared, she decided to cuddle up with Mama Mushu. See that funny pose? Arianllyn discovered the joy of finding the perfect spot to scratch behind a pet’s ear! The Grendel was very interested in this strange being, until she took off on her usual duty of guarding the underground cart. What was rather maddening was the fact that Adaon wasn’t all that far away, and Arianllyn was certainly getting up there in age. I wondered if this might be her lucky day!

As it happened, Arianllyn grew very attached to her new companion. She searched the misty darkness for the first sign of the critter’s return. When the cart and its statuesque guardian appeared, Arianllyn decided to settle down for a nap. Perhaps she knew that someone, or at least something, was keeping an eye on her. Not that Albia presented many dangers… If one knows how the games work, Creatures themselves can’t actually see any of the background elements. Their sight is mostly limited to COBs, agents, and other Creatures. We get to enjoy the scenery, while they basically see objects floating around in space. In any case, Arianllyn was having herself a grand time of befriending the one thing she could see!

Euphonia found herself taking a solo ride underneath the ocean, which clearly did not sit well with her! Actually, she was quite worn out from starting her third pregnancy. Since Junco’s recent eating spree, he apparently was ready to spread some more Norn love. It was thrilling to see him become a father again, but a short genetic analysis showed that this baby had inherited some of Junco’s issues. His life wasn’t exactly the easiest, but he was actually faring better than some of the other males! It seemed like a small problem to consider worrying about. Euphonia just wanted to get back to her pre-pregnancy state!

The love bug was in the air, possibly carried by some lucky clovers! Drongo decided to test his gentlemanly skills by picking a flower for Cotinga. It was an edible flower, and not exactly in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, but it did the trick! Cotinga loved the gesture, and she was thrilled to welcome another egg. Unfortunately, this one flew up into the sky on top of a previous egg glitch. Additionally, I discovered at least two floating lemons. Quite a crazy world! Yet Drongo and Cotinga were loving every minute of life. It was at this point that Drongo turned into an elder Norn, at a fairly young age. It would mean a somewhat short life, although he had plenty of time left to spend with his love.

It was difficult to imagine love not settling into the buzzing garden, and it certainly did! I had a mixed reaction to the impending egg of Astrapia and Manakin. This was Manakin’s first child, so it was a thrilling moment to know that he would be a father and pass along his genetics. On the other hand, I still harbored a sore spot for the way Astrapia abandoned Adaon. Perhaps she was justified in seeking out Norns to quiet her biological clock, yet this was her fourth egg. She easily could have started making her way back to check on her former best friend. I took some consolation in the fact that she was sporting her elder wrinkles. Of course I still adore Astrapia, but sometimes it’s difficult to forgive a Norn!

Was I being unfair in my assessment of Adaon? The poor Grendel stopped eating, and started wandering around. No one else spent much time with him, particularly Arianllyn. Maybe they simply were not a good match, but that was where that bond with Astrapia came in. I tried my best to soothe him: We played ball for a short time. I soon found him back in his beloved music room. Adaon walked from the lift to the instruments, looked ready to play, and promptly turned back around. I twanged a few harp strings in the hopes that he would remember how much he loved music. To my dismay, he pressed the lift button without a backwards glance. Oh, Adaon! So alone, but not as alone as he might have thought.

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