Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2014

It’s nearly that time of year again to start planning the next Creatures Community Spirit Festival! We’ve had many great festivals take place in the last few years, and this year I’m sure we all want to have the best one yet. Please take some time to complete the CCSF 2014 Basic Survey to share any thoughts and opinions. This survey will likely be the first in a series, all aimed to understand the community’s preferences and lay the foundation for an amazing CCSF 2014!

This current survey will run through April 30, 2014, so don’t forget to participate! Every opinion counts and will be useful in determining certain factors about the festival, such as the general time frame and its length. Although the festival will not be perfect for every single perfect, this is the first step towards creating something that many will be able to enjoy. Stay tuned for more upcoming news regarding the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2014!

Not sure what this festival is all about? Browse through the recent CCSF web sites to get an idea!

CCSF 2010: Hosted on a standard web site
CCSF 2011: Hosted on a standard web site
CCSF 2012: Hosted on a blog
CCSF 2013: Hosted at Creatures Caves

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