Return of the Creatures 1 Antigen Curse

With a lovely set of Easter egg sprites, I was looking forward to another fun-filled day in Creatures 1. There was actually a dire situation just starting to bubble over the proverbial cauldron when one life came to an abrupt end. Manakin was easily the longest lived Norn of this generation at 11:28, though it seemed like a terrible time to watch him go. Springtime was a time for new life, not the celebration of the end. Five little Norns could call Manakin their father, though, so in a way he would never completely die. Take care and rest well.

This was the serious matter that needed my attention. This wasn’t even the full story: There was also Histamine B, sleep toxin, and an unknown toxin. And who was the victim of this illness? None other than Pipit. It was actually rather eerie that he caught this illness near the incubator. That was the scene of his emergency quarantine, which featured an almost identical chemical composition. This was the fourth illness to befall Pipit, or possibly the fifth because I remembered some sort of minor illness going around when he was younger. I never knew a Norn to be so ill! It wasn’t his fault, though: Just a really bad sort of luck, which I attributed to a curse. Only this time he wasn’t as spry as he was, and both Towhee and Xenops were quickly infected with this terrible sickness.

I fought tooth and nail with Pipit. He refused to eat, although he did pick up a radish when he had around 5% life force remaining. My hopes grew, yet it was not to be. This time, the infection took his life at 8:52. His life was fairly long, yet it was terrible to have him assailed by antigens so often. Like Manakin, Pipit had also passed his genes onto five children. Farewell, Pipit. May the antigens never disturb you again.

Towhee and Xenops survived without too much trouble, luckily. They retreated to the desert island to meet up with Whydah and Yuhina. This was the last of their generation: The final Norn colony. Xenops was still a somewhat shy Norn, and was a bit overwhelmed by his sudden status as the only male! A few well-timed breaks would be all he needed to stay healthy and happy. In fact, Yuhina was the only Norn who did not have any offspring. For the time being, I was just glad to have these four alive! Hopefully Xenops would behave himself and kisspop sparingly!

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