Organic Behavior in Creatures Technology

One of the best parts of playing Creatures is the customizable nature of each world. My current C3/DS Geat world was mostly technological, though it was lovely to see some organically inspired critters floating about! This little Holo-Wing wove its delicate wings around some of the gears on the Banshee Bridge. It seemed like a pointless endeavor on my part, but after the recent egg insanity, it was nice to just notice some of the background details. It was an amazingly quiet time for my Geats, too! They must have taken the hint that I was overwhelmed with new births.

The oldest Colortrue Gaius in the world was Elinvar. I was already up to the fourth generation, but he was still from the original first generation group. Elinvar was a loner, and Elinvar did not know how to take care of himself. He preferred to stare off into space and do a whole lot of nothing. I coaxed a few others to spend some time with him, which seemed to perk him up. I was not looking forward to a messy family tree, although Elinvar looked like he was quite content to never become a father. Whereas Rhodite was the annoying Geat, Elinvar had his own place in history as the very quiet one! He was not particularly happy, although he found a way to survive. Some Creatures have wonderful lives, and others… Are like Elinvar. Just surviving, and nothing more.

Aside from Elinvar, the rest of the group was thriving! Nambe, Duralumin, and Glucydur decided to create an exclusive hang out in the best place they could find. What place was that? Why, the airlock! It wasn’t actually functional, yet I imagined what it would have been like had the button actually worked. It would have been a clear cut case of “curiosity killed the cat!” Besides this small group, the others seemed to travel in packs. There were a couple of Geats who preferred to stay on the fringes of social interactions, yet the majority of the eighteen were very friendly and independent. It was surprising when I had absolutely no new pregnancies to handle!

To return full circle to the concept of critters, poor Stellite found herself in a flock of Whirlybirds! They had taken over a small part of the world, where it was not uncommon to have a dozen of them zoom by. I thought I removed all language learning agents, yet it was apparent that Stellie had a lesson… But not much more than that! She might have even picked up a few words from some of the fluent Geats. It was comical to see her holding a carrot nearby, which looked like it was hovering in midair by her almost invisible arms! Eighteen Geats, and they were all silly in their own ways. I might not have gotten too attached to any of them, though they provided plenty of entertainment and smiles!

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