Peering at a Creatures 2 Breed Idea

Crystal Clear Albian WaterThere are several Creatures projects that I’ve hinted at for quite some time, although anyone who has developed knows how difficult it can be to make progress! I have nothing new to release just yet, unfortunately, but I have been making some progress since mentioning a return to Creatures 2 earlier this month. Liam and Moe recently updated C2toDS, which is now kindly hosted by Ylukyun! It might seem pointless to play around with Creatures 2, owing to its constant glitches and overall instability. Although I have plans to use C2toDS, I still would like to spend some time in the original C2! I still remember the time I spent just enjoying the world. I just know to make plenty of backups to avoid some major disasters!

Hiding Until a Creatures AnnouncementEnjoy this very small glimpse into the project I’m working on! I’m customizing a breed’s genome to use in a brand new Creatures 2 world. If all goes well, I also plan to release the updated breed for all to enjoy! This ambitious venture will combine the characteristics of two different kinds of breeds… Hopefully in a way that will work! Interested in hearing more about this project? Check back often, and be sure to leave a comment!

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