Finding Old Friends with the NornPose Program

The NornPose Program in ActionOne of my projects that fell by the wayside over the last few months was the creation of a family tree for my Creatures 1 Norns. A spreadsheet does not do a family line any justice in Albia! Then it dawned on me to use one of the lesser known features of NornPose, a program to pose Norns and Grendels in Creatures 1. I often use it to fix body data issues, or to create images of the original breeds in various poses. Yet NornPose can do much more… It has the ability to create images of actual Norns and Grendels! How? It takes a look at the genetic and sprite files created for every Creature, like moniker 8KCT here!

The Special Feature of NornPoseThis is a really nifty feature of NornPose that I briefly looked at, but never paid much attention to. The downside is body parts often do not align as nicely as they do within Creatures 1. Fortunately, there is a feature to adjust the positioning of every body part horizontally and/or vertically. I had so much fun going through old genetic monikers and seeing my past Norns again! I plan to get this project back on track so that everyone will be able to understand who is related. I would also be happy to go into more detail about NornPose, if there is any interest. That family tree should blossom soon!

Bonus: Can anyone guess who these two Norns are? They are related to the current Norns, and are actually brother and sister. More hints to follow if there are any guesses! Congratulations to Dylan for correctly guessing in the comments!

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