An Interesting Twist of Fate in Albia

Unexpectedly Setting Up a Grendel ReunionEver since my two Grendels, Dahloi and Nildeleer, formed a childhood friendship, I was certain that they would be together forever. As fate would have it, Nildeleer had been longing for a reunion for the longest time! It was another Norn who was to be the architect of their reunion, in a roundabout fashion. Brekennion was trapped on the island with about five other Norns, and had absolutely no peace and quiet. A cart ride sounded like the perfect way to run away from the chaos! Dahloi was in the area, and quickly hopped aboard before he could be left behind.

A Spinning Top and a Desperate SubstitutionNearby, Nildeleer stared at the spinning top. It was green and vaguely resembled a Grendel… She looked quite unimpressed after a short time! I urged her to keep watching it for a little bit. She was actually mildly bored at the time, so I figured it might take her mind off of things and cheer her up. Yet for Nildeleer, there was only one Grendel in the world who could lift her spirits after so long. He might have disappeared from her life ages ago, yet Dahloi was someone she couldn’t just forget. They had one egg together, which was enough to seal their bond forever. Yet Nildeleer hoped to catch another glimpse of him…

A Long Awaited Reunion in Creatures 1In a flash, that spinning top appeared to turn into something very different. It was Dahloi! Nildeleer could just stand there and grin as much as her face would allow. She was just about the happiest Grendel that ever lived! She started talking to her best friend as if he had never left her side. Then again, she certainly had a lot to say! I watched the two Grendels back together again, and I figured it wouldn’t be long until Nildeleer was expecting again. She seemed to have another egg on her wish list, and if Dahloi didn’t already know it, Nildeleer always got her way!

An Escape from the Incessant Grendel ChatterOnly Dahloi had other plans, and I couldn’t help but laugh when I checked back on the reunited couple. Dahloi snuck away when Nildeleer wasn’t looking, only to fall asleep while standing up! Listening to all of her Grendel chitter chatter was more than enough to wear him out! There wasn’t going to be a storybook ending to this chapter of their lives, although they had plenty of time left to add onto their family. The important thing was that they were back together! At that moment, I was forced to leave them alone to attend to an emergency. Someone was ill and contagious in a group of at least four Norns… And it was serious. Dahloi and Nildeleer were in good health as I left them, hoping that this bright moment wouldn’t be tarnished.

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