How To Scroll Around Creatures 1

How To Scroll Around Creatures 1Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of Creatures 1 for a new player is figuring out how to actually get around the world! There is no way to unlock infinite scrolling, unfortunately, so oftentimes setting up a new world seems impossible. The process for getting around without a Norn or Grendel is a little tedious, but not enough to keep a new video from coming out! I wanted to give a little insight into this process, complete with some tips and my usual random blunders. Although far from exciting, I hope that this answers a few questions about navigating around Creatures 1. Favorite places aren’t perfect, yet they do work very well!

Navigating Around Albia without a NornTickets for the Hand, created by Slink, come as a download and can achieve the same result. As I mention in the video, a selectable Creature must already be present in the world before they can be used. I use this manual method each time, although the COB is likely just as good! It all comes down to how each player wants to begin a world. With this tutorial, one can circumnavigate Albia without the help of a Norn! It really is useful for getting a world completely customized, so far as customizing goes in Creatures 1. Enjoy this relatively short video! Hopefully more will be coming soon featuring my current Norns and Grendels!

Creatures 1 Video Tutorial: Scrolling Around Albia

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