A Change in the Creatures Current

The Underwater World of Artemia SeaAs I started to narrow down the focus of my C3/DS underwater world, I soon ran into some trouble. Both Aquatilis Caverna and the Aquatilis Caverna Pod were beautiful, yet they had steep slopes that created navigational issues when my test Norns were running about. I was almost all set on the metarooms, but it was back to the testing phase! Since this world was going to be one where the Creatures would fend entirely for themselves, I had to be sure that they would be safe to roam about. Artemia Sea, by Grendel Man and Mea, turned out to be the best option, especially with its navigable areas and diverse ecology!

A Creatures Whale in a Swimming AttitudeEliminating the Aquatilis Caverna metarooms from the final list was mainly a loss in terms of the critters. The Kyutai Whales were really fun and interesting to interact with, yet there was no way I could maintain a separate area in this world just to watch them swim about. That would be something to do in a new world, solely for the purpose of enjoying the various flora and fauna. Was Aquatilis Caverna a bad choice for everyone? Certainly not! It quickly became one of my favorite metarooms, yet I wasn’t prepared to deal with young Norns getting stuck along the eastern wall’s edges.

Shifting the Focus of an Underwater WorldThe thing that was working out very well were the aquatic agents! Even in my tests with the Aquatilis Caverna metarooms, the critters and plants I added worked out very well. For some very strange reason, I forgot all about the Garden Box and the different underwater elements. Most of these can be found at The Realm! I even stumbled across the Creatures 3 Aquamites for the Garden Box, which I must have missed. They might just look like floating purple confetti, but I love those little guys!

Choosing More Elements for Docking StationMore and more, I was very impressed with Artemia Sea. There were dozens of critters swimming about all the time, and the fish acted very lifelike in their schools. Pretty soon, I was coming up with a backstory for this world… As if it really needed it! All the same, I had an interesting thought for one area of the metaroom, which included an obscured area. Rumor had it that bubbles and warm water emerged from a crack in the wall, where sometimes the sunlight glimmered off of some strange crystals. Can you guess what this might possibly refer to? I should have some definitive details about this world very soon. Although the metarooms and agents are practically locked in, I still have some decisions about what breeds (and species) to focus on in this world. Just as there are multiple types of fish in Artemia Sea, most likely there will be more than one type of Creature to follow! Creatures Docking Station can seem far too fast paced, yet this will likely come in handy for the way that this world will be documented. Stay tuned!

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