Another Colorful Release of C1 Egg Sprites

Another Set of Fancy Creatures Egg SpritesI’ve been on a bit of a silly sprite recoloring project lately, and it’s time to release another set of Creatures 1 egg sprites! Luckily, the final set is an update for my earlier release for Easter last year. In no way do I imagine that these are the greatest creations ever, especially considering they’re not too difficult to make! Expect to see some resources soon which will help anyone recolor the sprites in Creatures 1. Missed out on any of the related releases? Make sure to check out the Chocolate Egg Sprites and Jelly Bean Egg Sprites for more options!

Download the Creatures 1 Candy Shell Egg Sprites

Candy Shell Eggs and Colorful SpotsThis release features the Creatures 1 Candy Shell Egg Sprites! Those spots are supposed to be pieces of hard candy growing right into the candy shell. As always, these are still inedible and function exactly like normal C1 eggs! This set is a little brighter, complete with a whole rainbow of colors. There are a lot of spotted objects in Albia, and these seem to fit in perfectly! Use them for a special holiday, or anytime it seems like a world needs a little extra color. Remember that recolored sprites can be swapped out at any time to fit any mood. Cheer up your Creatures 1 inhabitants with this fun set of egg sprites!

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