Beneath the Creatures Ocean Surface

Making an Aquatic World Truly UniqueDespite my slow start to getting a new Docking Station world underway, I was much closer to beginning than I anticipated! After taking a closer look at Aquatilis Caverna, I decided to rule out a few of my original metaroom choices to focus on the areas that would work out the best. I started mixing some of the critters and plants between rooms, which can either add to an ecological system, or completely break it. Luckily in this case, I encountered the former! There are some underwater environments that don’t mix perfectly well, but I was excited to see this mixture working out.

The Underwater Scene of a MetaroomI also started to experiment with adding some of my favorite aquatic agents to the world. Several different ones are featured in these screenshots… Can you spot them all? I plan to unveil the final cut of metarooms and agents this week, after some final testing. Most likely there will be some issues with so many resources being used, but I’m pretty confident I’ve cut down my future world to include a somewhat limited amount of critters and plants. More to the point, I should be able to have a population swimming about before too long! It might not be a mystery as to who will be part of this world, yet I have a couple of possible twists up my sleeve. After all, this isn’t just going to be a simple underwater world: There are still all of the rules to define for this world concept! I may reuse some of the ideas from my alpha world concept, or come up with something entirely new. Check back soon to learn more!

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